Combined Excellence

We are a new Architecture and Interior Design firm in town. Led by husband-and-wife team Golnaz Motamedi and Christopher Gruette; AIA, we have combined our vast experience in the construction industry and offer our creative approach to the built environment.

We offer you only our best, with our reputation for expertise and ingenuity, built on foundational principles of technical proficiency, functional efficiency, aesthetic beauty, and client satisfaction.

Client Centered Approach

We’ll work with you to identify and resolve your project’s unique issues, with emphasis from the start on defining project scope, budget, and schedule. This collaborative approach ensures that you are involved and informed throughout the project’s duration.

This client-centered approach prioritizes your needs, preferences, and vision above all else. It involves active listening, understanding goals and aspirations, and collaborating closely throughout every step of the project. We adopted this approach because it creates better architecture. By centering the client in the design process, we can deliver solutions that are tailored to unique tastes, lifestyle, and objectives, ultimately resulting in a more satisfying and successful project.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Gruette Architecture today to schedule a consultation with our team. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality with our innovative design solutions and unparalleled service.